Updating Windows Puppet Enterprise agent versions with puppet_agent

Yesterday, I tackled upgrading Linux Puppet Enterprise agents with puppet_agent and said I would give Windows agents a try next. It’s simultaneously extremely easy and really difficult to accomplish this! On the manifest side, it’s as simple as including the class in a profile for Windows agents. On the rspec side, we need to add a lot of custom facts and even mock up some functions. I also encountered an issue with version 1.3.1 that broke my rspec tests. Version 1.3.2 was released in February 2017 to address that.

As usual, let’s start with the rspec test updates. Here’s the starting tests and manifest for an empty profile::base::windows, where nothing is really managed in the base profile yet.

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Updating Linux Puppet Enterprise agent versions with puppet_agent

Happy New Year, everyone! I know that when I last blogged before the holiday, I was getting settled in with Jenkins, but I really needed to relax during the break so I had to hold off on that. I promise, I’ll get back to that soon, but in the meantime I encountered an issue that needed fixed and required a little more than the docs provided.

I ran into an issue recently with Puppet Enterprise agents that weren’t able to purge some resource types properly due to the use of Anchors. This is an issue with Puppet, not the module in question, and it was fixed in Puppet 4.4.0 but affected nodes were running older versions. Of course, rather than upgrade the agents by hand, I decided to automate it. Puppet has an Upgrading PE agents: *nix page that describes how to do this in a few ways. The latter options require manual effort, but the first option, via the module puppet_agent, can do this automatically for us. I diverged from the instructions a bit because I do my classifying with hiera rather than the PE Classifier and because there’s a missing step! (I’m trying to get that document updated, as well)

The guide says to install the module on the master and add some classification. To do this in a traditional roles and profiles setup using hiera as the classifier and with a monolithic controlrepo, we need to add the module to Puppetfile and .fixtures.yml, then add either a profile for puppet_agent or add it to a base profile. I chose the latter. Let’s add the module first:

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