Puppet and Git, 102: Feature Branches

In Puppet and Git 101, we looked at how to add our existing puppet code to our repo. We’re going to take a quick look at how to create a branch, add some code, commit it, and push it to our repo.

Create a Branch

For lack of something significant to do right now, we’ll add a notify command to the node definition for puppet.nelson.va. To do so, we will checkout a new branch called, appropriately, notify. You can call your branches whatever you want, I suggest you simply be consistent in your naming scheme. At work, I use a combination of a ticket number and a one or two word description of the feature, separated by hyphens. Normally our branch is going to be short lived and only exist locally (we’re going to make an exception to that for demo purposes), so it would be a moot, but it’s still a good habit to be in.

[root@puppet puppet]# git branch
* master
[root@puppet puppet]# git checkout -b notify
Switched to a new branch 'notify'
[root@puppet puppet]# git branch
* notify

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