Deploy your #Puppet Enterprise license key with Puppet

Since I manage my Puppet infrastructure with Puppet itself, I am for full automation. For Puppet Enterprise, that includes deploying the license key file from the puppet fileserver (profile/files/master/license.key served as puppet:///modules/profile/master/license.key). When upgrading to the latest Puppet Enterprise version, 2016.2.0, I encountered a change that was tricky to resolve – the puppet_enterprise::license class accepted a license_key parameter, which was marked as deprecated:

Warning: puppet_enterprise::license::license_key is deprecated and will be removed in the next
    PE version. Please use puppet_enterprise::license_key_path. If using the Node Manager, the class
    is located in the PE Infrastructure node group.

Easy, I’ll just use the parameter license_key_path instead! Except, it wants a location for a file on the master, and I’m trying to deploy a file to the master!

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Upgrading to Puppet 4 at #PuppetConf 2016

As I did last year, I submitted a proposal for PuppetConf 2016 and it was accepted! As I did last year, I am requesting your help with it.

The talk,  Enjoying the Journey from Puppet 3.x to 4.x, will help attendees lay out a plan to get to Puppet 4. I will be sharing my experiences from POSS and PE upgrades,  including tools to assist with the migration and some pitfalls to avoid. There are many ways to perform these upgrades and my experiences are limited, so I’d like to hear about yours. If you are interested in sharing your experiences and grant me permission to share them in my talk, you can contact me on twitter/DM or by submitting a PR against my PuppetConf github repo. Let me know if you would like to be credited or keep it anonymous. Thanks!