Puppet and Git, 201: r10k Setup – Installation

I know you’re probably anxious to get started with managing your infrastructure, but we’re going to stay distracted by Git for a little longer. In the 100 series, we saw some examples of how to migrate your manifests and modules into Git and how to make changes to your manifests through branches. The setup is a little primitive, but acceptable for a lab – everything is is either done by root or involves pushing changes as a user and pulling them as root, and changes are tested in production. I’d like to introduce you to a tool called r10k that will help us create dynamic branches for testing and decouple our workflow from direct access to the puppet master. In this 201 class, we’ll work on the first half by migrating our existing repo structure into r10k.

Review and Setup

If we review the puppet-tutorial repo’s master branch, we have a standard directory layout that you should be somewhat familiar with now:

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