Social Media Tips

This past week I wrote an opinion piece on the InfoSec community, which included some tips on using social media. I’ve distilled that very long section to a bullet list and added a few items.

  • Investigate your company’s social media policies and make sure you comply with it.
  • Seek out the proper audience.
    • Facebook – Keep in contact with friends and family and sharing all of your information with the world
    • Twitter – Work communities
    • Blogs – Great for introducing yourself to the world and sharing what you have learned
    • Google+ – Overlaps with the above, but less popular than the others. Future is in doubt
  • Get control. Understand the security/privacy posture of your chosen platform.
  • Listen first.
  • Share only what you want.
    • Check with your spouse and family before sharing info about them!
  • Find dissenting voices, don’t let it become an echo chamber.
  • Respect people.
  • You’re going to be wrong, accept it gracefully.
  • Make sure your contributions have meaning. Focus on creating novel, useful content.
  • Recognize others and promote their content.
  • Retweets, favorites, likes, +1’s, etc. all mean different things. Use the right one.
  • Make time for real life.
  • Have fun!

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