Puppet and Git, 204: r10k Workflow for Existing Module

We’ve installed and configured r10k, are using it for deployments, and have a workflow for new modules. More commonly, we will be working on existing modules, a slightly different workflow. We can examine this new workflow by modifying theĀ base module only.

Workflow to Modify Existing Module

Unlike adding a new module, the Puppetfile only needs to be modified to reflect the feature branch. This is where the workflows diverge: instead of requiring a merge, commit, and push, we can create a temporary branch and just delete it when we’re done. Only the module branch needs merged. We’ll show this by making a simple change, modifying Dave’s name. We have another Dave Smith who works here, so we’ll add a middle initial and the name of Dave’s organization, to prevent confusion.

The feature branch is just called dave. We’ll work on the module repo first. Make sure you’re in master and checkout the new branch. Dave’s description should be updated to “Dave G. Smith – IT Administrator” – everything will be alright unless they hire another Dave G. Smith over there. Commit the change and push it.
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