Puppet Installables – PuppetDB and Hiera

Welcome back to our Puppet for vSphere Admins series. We started out deploying the puppet master and a few example manifests, then took a right turn into the land of Git and workflows. I know you’re anxious to get back to developing manifests, but we’ve got a few more things to install on the master before we worry about the manifests. PuppetDB and Hiera, and MCollective are powerful tools that most administrators will find of immense benefit. We can install these later, but we’d have to redo some of our work. Who wants to do that?

As I mentioned last week, I’ll assume you’re using r10k at some level, so I’ll mostly just reference “use r10k” unless there’s a specific gotcha. If you’re not using r10k, follow whatever workflow you’ve decided on to add modules, update manifests, and track all changes in your VCS.

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