Intro to Roles and Profiles with Puppet and Hiera

If you’ve been following along with the Puppet series, our next task is to start using roles and profiles. If you’re just visiting, feel free to review the series to get caught up. Today, we will discuss the roles and profiles pattern, start implementing it as well as a custom fact, and deploy a webserver on a node managed by puppet. Finally, we’ll move some of our configuration from the site manifest into Hiera.

NOTE: A small note on security. I’ve been running through this series as ‘root’ and earlier said, “Well, just be more secure in production.” That’s lame. This blog covers security as well as virtualization and automation so I’m going to live up to that. For now, I’ve added a local user with useradd, updated sudoers, and cloned all the repos so that I can show best practices, which will include doing most work as my user and then sudo/su to run a few commands as root. Later, we’ll manage local users via puppet.

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