I Survived #VirtualDesignMaster Challenge 1!

This week has been pretty exciting. It’s getting closer to the move and things are starting to seem real – which means more time is involved in it. Somehow, in the midst of all that, I managed to complete my design proposal for Virtual Design Master’s first challenge, a whopping 30 minutes before the due date. On Thursday night, all the contestants defended their design. To my surprise, I survived! I am thankful of some critical reviews from Jason Shiplett and some friends on IRC. We lost a few competitors, as is the nature of the challenge, but everyone’s designs are amazing. Check them out at http://www.virtualdesignmaster.com/.

This week’s challenge is about constraints. We have some physical constraints – have to use the same vendors, and needs to fit in 21U, oh and by the way, it’s on the moon – plus a unique requirement I haven’t seen anywhere else: IPv6 only. That’s going to be tough. But they weren’t done with the constraints yet. We have to use someone else’s design from challenge 1! Everyone on Team Beta has to work off the design by Daemon Behr (@VMUG_Vancouver). I’m very honored that my design (@rnelson0) was chosen as the design that Team Alpha has to work from.

If you are available next Thursday at 9PM Eastern, tune in at http://www.virtualdesignmaster.com/live/ to see the results of challenge 2!

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