Introducing Jason Crichton, aka @hawkbox

With summer upon us, I’ve taken a break from the blog. You’ll still see a few of my small posts pop out every so often, but no lengthy technical posts from me for a while. That doesn’t mean the blog is taking the summer off, though!

I’m proud to introduce a colleague and fellow Arsian, Jason Crichton, as a contributing author on my blog! Jason is going to write some articles over the summer about Hyper-V. For those of us (myself included!) who are only familiar with vSphere, Jason will help us compare the analogous features from each product with articles most Wednesdays this summer. Here’s a little background those of you who have not met Jason before:

My name is Jason Crichton, I’m an IT professional like Rob, just crossing over the 10 year mark of System Administration this summer. I started in the trenches of help desk and through a bit of luck and a lot of hard work now work as a Senior Systems Analyst for a relatively small multinational corporation. I tend to end up heavily involved in the virtualization, security, and operations aspects of the business. Recently I have moved into Powershell tool development for improving the lives of our help desk staff. I find the willingness of people like Rob to put the time and energy into sites like this incredibly valuable, so when he asked me to contribute I was thrilled at the opportunity to give back myself.
When I’m not working with tech, I tend to be motorbiking with my wife Christina on whatever random trip we’ve been able to organize.
My professional experience can be viewed on LinkedIn. Additionally you can follow me on twitter through @hawkbox.
Please give Jason a warm welcome to the blogosphere! If you have any requests for Hyper-V topics, please let myself or Jason know what you’d like to see covered. Thanks!