Deploying your custom application with Puppet

In the past two weeks, we learned how to create packages for our own applications and how to host them in a repository. The next step is to puppetize the application so that you can deploy your application to nodes through automation. We’ll need to add the repo to our base profile, so all nodes receive it, define a profile that requires the application, and a role class and corresponding hiera yaml to apply the configuration to a specified node. Let’s get started!

Add the repo to the base profile

This step is fairly simple. Last week, we defined the repo and applied it manually with:

  yumrepo {'el-6.5':
    descr    => 'rnelson0 El 6.5 - x86_64',
    baseurl  => '',
    enabled  => 'true',
    gpgcheck => 'false',

Add that to your base profile. It should look something like this now:

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