FPM and Build Automation

Having created one or more build servers, the next logical step is to start building software. We touched on this briefly a few weeks ago, and with a proper development station, it’s time to expand on it.

If you’re a developer by trade, you can probably skim or skip this article. Remember, this series is aimed at vSphere Admins, not devs. I’d certainly appreciate your insights in the comments or on twitter, though!

Modifying software build processes for FPM

We’ve used FPM in the past to take a directory and turn it into a package. This works very well when /some/long/path belongs entirely to your application. What if your application drops a binary in /bin, a manpage in /usr/share/man/man5, a config file in /etc, or even just a few files in a directory that’s shared with other packages? Let’s take a look at an extension for mediawiki. This is very simple, we have a legacy Makefile and two useful targets, dev and prod:

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