A Call to Comments

In Greg Ferro’s call to arms for the 30 blog posts in 30 days challenge, Greg was encouraging us to use blogging as a social media, rather than Twitter, Facebook, etc. His challenge includes this statement:

Make sure you leave comments on other peoples blogs so they know someone read it. Just like you would on Twitter, Facebook , leave a comment saying “Like” or “Favourite”.

I’m not sure what Greg’s reasoning is for this specifically, but I think it’s a great one. Too often we see a blog post announced on Twitter, followed by some great comments that add to the value of the post. Someone who finds the post via RSS or a search engine – or someone who saw the original tweet before the valuable tweets came in – doesn’t see any of those comments. If the comments really add to the article, then something valuable was lost. It doesn’t take very long to add a comment to most blogs, so please, take a few minutes to drop a comment on blog posts when you have one. Even the “Great post!” comments are good to have around, it lets the author know the content was valuable to at least one person.

I’m going to make this effort myself, since I’m very guilty of it. Please, take the time to make permanent comments to blog posts for those who follow us.

3 thoughts on “A Call to Comments

  1. Good post. I think it is becoming more common for people to gravitate back to Twitter for comments and discussion due to its real-time nature and broader audience. I’m guilty of this. I should leave more comments on the blog posts and will try to do so.

    • It’s interesting because the real time nature is important, and it would be EXTREMELY valuable if you remembered to go post a comment on the blog post later with the results… but who has time for that? 🙂

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