Publishing Forge Modules

Last week, we looked at an advanced spec helper, puppetlabs_spec_helper, and generated some tests with it. We also looked at the rake targets available with the helper and you may have noticed the build target: “Build puppet module package”. Prior to that, we created a new certs module that is code only, no data, for use in distribution of certificate files for web servers. It seems like a good opportunity to see how this works so we can upload a module to the forge.

Forge Modules

The Puppet Forge is a central repository for shared modules, written by Puppet Labs or by the community. It’s the puppet analog to perl’s CPAN, python’s pip, etc. – tell puppet you want a module and it fetches it from the forge. As the modules are shared, rather than specific to a user’s installation, be sure to use sound fundamentals to create a portable module. Your role and profile modules, which likely reference umpteen other modules and the files and templates they contain, are not good candidates for the forge, but a utility module like the certs module is a good candidate.

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