Rob Nelson’s 2015 Goals

On January 19th, I graded my efforts in 2014 and promised to document my technical goals for this year.

Learn Ruby

I spend a lot of time with Puppet and R10k and while I’m a decent enough programmer to pick up on what’s going on in general, I really need to grok Ruby at an advanced level. I bought a copy of Eloquent Ruby for the theoretical and I’ve eyeballed a few projects to work on for the practical.

Blog more about Security

One of my primary functions at work is related to security, but I rarely blog about it. That needs to change.

Home Network

1) After moving, I have my servers in a temporary space. Complete the finished space and migrate all the hardware there. Parts are on order and I’m going to add to the breaker box soon!

2) Stand up a complete environment. I’m missing vCO, an IPAM solution, and monitoring. Yes, it’s just my home network, but if I can’t monitor a handful of devices, I can’t monitor hundreds or thousands.

Expand Puppetinabox

Two weeks ago I released my first solo software project, puppetinabox. I’ve laid out some enhancements for it and I’m sure there are deficiencies I’m not aware of. I need to practice some good software development patterns both for myself, and if I want it to be used by others.

Propose a VMworld Talk

Last year, I proposed an Auto Deploy talk. It was not accepted. I won’t make it a goal to have an accepted talk – I have no control over it, after all – but I’d like to put a proposal in again. Topic undecided.

Propose a PuppetConf Talk

As the year progressed, I became more interested in submitting a talk to PuppetConf than VMworld. This appears to have been the right choice, as my talk proposal was accepted. Mission accomplished!


Last year, I obtained by VCP5-DCV. This year, I need to at least get my VCAP-DCA. That means a new study guide, some time in the lab, and a plan to prep, study, take, and pass the exam.

These are goals that are important to me. I’m documenting the goals so I can hold myself accountable come next January and see how I progressed.