Hiera-fy your Hiera setup

In 2014, we set up our puppet environment and we’ve spent the first half of 2015 improving the configuration. In that time, we installed hiera, were introduced to it through the role/profile pattern, focused on separating the data from the code and moving it into hiera, and most recently on an improved controlrepo that modified the hiera layout. We have been using hiera the whole time, and there’s a lot we can do to improve how we use it still.

Manage Hiera with Puppet

Our initial hiera.yaml was simple and static. With our improved controlrepo layout, the new hiera.yaml file is more dynamic. A problem still remains: we are configuring hiera manually! You may have a hiera.yaml in your controlrepo or even a bootstrap.pp file for your initial puppet master. We have also been managing the hiera package manually in profile::hiera. This addresses the problem in the short term but adds to our administrative overhead – anytime we update the hiera config, we need to do so in these files as well as on the master itself.

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