Tips for configuring a new vRO 6 Appliance

I just configured a brand new vRealize Orchestrator Appliance v6.0.3 with a vCenter Server (not appliance) v6.0U1. The deployment of the OVF is pretty simple, but configuration was trickier than I expected. VMware’s guide is accurate if everything works well but painfully inadequate if you require any troubleshooting. Take a run through the guide, I’m not going to speak to what it does cover, and if you have problems, maybe one of these tips will help you.


Any time you change authentication, you MUST restart the vRO service. You may see all the status icons go from green to red to blue and back to green, which makes it appear that some services are restarting, but they aren’t. If you’re not sure, click the restart button as shown below. Bonus: when the page responds and says the service, the service is ready to use, unlike some other VMware products *cough*vSphereWebClient*cough*

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