Footloose: A modern day 2112

I blame Ryan McKern for this post, and his silly “head canon” ideas (such as Ronin being a prequel to Meet The Fockers). In that spirit, here’s an exercise in head canon.

While listening to Rush’s 2112 in the car this weekend, for some reason it suddenly struck me that the movie Footloose is really just 2112 set in the current day (don’t ask me how those dots were connected, I have no idea!). They are similar tales of artistic oppression and a revolt against the authorities upholding the suppression. The kids (Anonymous, 2112) want to dance (play guitar), but the town council and the Reverend (the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx) have outlawed it because they want to exert control over everyone’s way of life. When the kids challenge the town council, they are told it’s dangerous and not productive (“Yes, we know, it’s nothing new /It’s just a waste of time … Another toy that helped destroy / The elder race of man”). The ending is a bit different because it’s a Hollywood film, so Kevin Bacon doesn’t commit suicide and there’s no armed revolt against the government, but the kids do get into a fight at the end!

One significant difference: the music is MUCH better in 2112!

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