Troubleshooting Hiera from the CLI

Sometimes it’s very difficult to see how hiera works and what values it might return. To help with troubleshooting, you can use the hiera cli to do lookups yourself. You obviously need to do this on a puppet master, or a node that’s configured to have all the hiera data in the same place the masters do. Here’s the hiera.yaml configuration:

# managed by puppet
  - yaml
:logger: console
  - "clientcert/%{clientcert}"
  - "puppet_role/%{puppet_role}"
  - global

   :datadir: /etc/puppet/environments/%{environment}/hiera

Tier 1: global

Let’s look up the ntp::servers key from the global tier. One thing to note here is that the datadir includes the variable environment, so we will need to provide that tuple to the cli, like so:

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