When the well runs dry…

I signed up for the challenge of 30 blog posts in 30 days at the beginning of November. I participated in this last year as well, but I only completed 25 articles due to time. It was still a success by virtue of improving my writing skills, but this year I wanted to complete the challenge with a full 30 posts in the allotted time.

Unfortunately, I’m in the opposite boat this time. I find myself with a few hours right now that I could use to write, but my well has run dry! I started with a few items in Evernote that I’d like to write about specifically for the challenge. My personal was short-form content, rather than longer content or series posts. With those topics exhausted, I’m struggling to write the remaining articles, with 10 to go. Ugh.

This is an interesting problem for me, one that I haven’t encountered in years. That translates to a lack of coping skills! Since I’m out of practice, I’d love to hear what tactics others use when they have a writing deadline and nothing to write about. My current plan, outside of soliciting assistance, is to use this time to recuperate and keep a notepad by me in case I think of anything. If nothing pops into my head this weeknd, I’ll at least have recharged batteries come Monday and more focus I can apply to the problem. There’s a lot of thoughts rattling around in my head, I just need to find ones that may be interesting to write about and a cohesive hypothesis that ties them together.

It does look like I’m not alone in this problem, as a number of other 30 in 30 participants have slowed down their output. Maybe we can help each other with our writer’s block. Ping me on twitter if you have ideas or need help yourself!

Enjoy the Holidays!

Just a reminder that you should enjoy the holidays and take care of yourself! Many of us are looking forward to anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks off in the next two months. We’ll spend that vacation/holiday time learning about new things, participating in the many events (vDM30in30, SysAdvent, Commitmas, who knows what else), and maybe even working. This might be the only time this year you have real downtime in which to learn and partake in events or to get certain things done at work, and you should certainly take advantage of that.

Don’t forget to reserve some time for yourself, though. Give your brain a break. Hang out with your family, watch some TV, have a snowball fight. Put the phones and computers and tablets down for a day or two to recharge those batteries and fend off burnout. If you stink at vacationing, let your friends know and I’m sure they’ll be happy to harrass you when you show up on Facebook and Twitter too much!

Take care of yourself, friends!