The Joy of Snow and Seasons

I love the changes the seasons bring. The warmth and rebirth of spring, the long days and sunshine of summer, the cooling temperatures and changing leaves of fall, and the snow and shorter daylight of winter. In particular, I really, really love the snow. I love watching it snow, I love the dogs playing in it, and it’s great football weather. Sure, I don’t love raking leaves and shoveling snow, but the benefits far outweigh these negatives.

This may seem an odd thing to wax poetic about, but my wife and I grew up in the MidWest and North, respectively, and spent almost a decade in the South. We really missed the seasons when we were in North Carolina, where the summer is about 9-10 months long. Living in Eastern VA was a bit better, the seasons were closer to 3 months each and we got snow a few times, but it was rare enough that you’d have to be crazy to drive in it. We’re now in Indiana, where the seasons are seasonal and snow is just something that happens.

This past weekend was the first snow of the season, which was really fun. I even got to play some flag football in it which is amazingly fun. I love me some snow!

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