#Puppetinabox moving to v4 in 2016

I recently used Travis CI to help me get all my puppet modules and my controlrepo ready for Puppet v4. I have one dependent module (ajjahn/dchp) that needs a few polishing touches (issue #7) and then I plan to start moving PuppetInABox to version 4 as well. There are many moving parts but I would like to get this done in the first quarter of 2016.

One thing I will need to do is convert the master’s service from apache/passenger to puppetserver. Unfortunately, stephenrjohnson/puppet does NOT support puppetserver or puppet v4 yet. There are a number of forge modules that provide some level of support for puppetserver and I could use your help in finding the right one. It would seem the clear winner, at least by downloads, is camptocamp/puppetserver. Maybe one of the others is better. Perhaps the stephenrjohnson/puppet module is nearing readiness for version 4.

What are you using, and what tips do you have for someone converting from version 3 to 4? Drop me a line in the comments or reach out on twitter. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “#Puppetinabox moving to v4 in 2016

  1. The camptocamp module is good. I use it and the puppetlabs puppetdb module to spin up my puppet4 dev environment.

    • I don’t use Foreman (I use Puppet Enterprise) so I do not plan to write about Foreman. I would be glad to host an article or series about Foreman if someone wants to contribute one, though!

    • It’s really up to you, there’s no reason you can’t use one or the other, as PuppetInABox expects you to provide puppet in the node templates anyway. While PIAB contains definitions for less than 10 nodes, it is designed to be scalable, so keep that in mind if you plan to grow past 10 nodes.

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