Puppet 4 Lessons Learned

I’ve been working recently on migrating to Puppet 4. All the modules I maintain have supported it for a little bit but my master and controlrepo were still on Puppet 3. I slowly hacked at this over the past month and a half when time presented itself and I learned a few things. This post is an assortment of lessons learned, more than a tutorial, but hopefully it will help others going through this effort themselves.

At a high level the process consists of:

  • Make sure your code is Puppet 4 compatible via Continuous Integration.
  • Find a module that manages Puppet 4 masters and agents. If your current module works with 4, this step is much easier.
  • Build a new template or base image that runs Puppet 4.
  • Update your controlrepo to work with a Puppet 4 master, preferably with the new puppetserver instead of apache+passenger, again using CI for testing.
  • Deploy the new master and then start adding agents.

The biggest lesson I can give you is to perform these changes as 5 separate steps! I combined the last three into a single step and I paid for it. I know better and my shortcut didn’t turn out so well. Especially, do not take your Puppet 3 master down until your Puppet 4 master build tests out okay! Alright, let’s go through some of the steps.

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