Puppet Enterprise Migration from 3.8.4 to 2015.3.3

I recently completed a PE migration from 3.8.4 to 2015.3.3 (puppetserver 2.2.41 and puppet agent 4.3.2). This was a somewhat painful exercise, as we kept running into issues because we had gotten so far behind on upgrades. If you need to perform the same kind of upgrade, I hope this broad-stroke description of the upgrade steps will help you. Before we get to the upgrade, let’s cover some of the pre-requisites.

Release Notes

Always read the release notes first. I am sure I will cover some of the notes below in specific problems we ran into, but there’s a lot on there that we did NOT encounter.

Future Parser

When you get to PE 2015.3.3, you’ll be running Puppet 4. Make sure you have the future parser enabled on your master or agents, by following these instructions. You’ll likely run into at least one issue if you weren’t doing this before. For example, automatic string/array conversions may not work as you expect. Get your code up to par before moving forward.

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