Rspec fixtures tip: symlink to other modules in your controlrepo

If you are writing rspec tests against your controlrepo, specifically your profile module, you need to set up your .fixtures.yml file to reference the other modules in your controlrepo. For example, here’s a list of the modules in the dist directory of a controlrepo:

├── eyaml
├── profile
└── role

If any of the profile modules reference one of the other modules, it needs to be referenced as a fixture or an error is generated that the resource cannot be found:

$ be rspec spec/classes/eyaml_spec.rb

  should contain Class[profile::eyaml] (FAILED - 1)
  should contain Class[eyaml] (FAILED - 2)


  1) profile::eyaml should contain Class[profile::eyaml]
     Failure/Error: it { should create_class('profile::eyaml') }

       Evaluation Error: Error while evaluating a Function Call, Could not find class ::eyaml for build at /home/rnelson0/puppet/controlrepo/
dist/profile/spec/fixtures/modules/profile/manifests/eyaml.pp:15:3 on node build

We can reference these local modules with the symlinks type of fixture, like this:

    profile: "#{source_dir}"
    eyaml: "#{source_dir}/../eyaml"

The paths must be fully-qualified, so we use #{source_dir}, a magical value available through rspec, to start with the fully-qualified path to the current directory dist/profile. Follow the symlinks type with repositories and other types of fixtures as you normally would.

When you run rake spec or rake spec_prep, these symlinks will be created underneath dist/profile/spec/fixtures/modules automatically for you. Your rspec tests on profiles that include content from these other modules will no longer error with an inability to find the module in question.

$ be rake spec_prep
$ be rspec spec/classes/eyaml_spec.rb

  should contain Class[profile::eyaml]
  should contain Class[eyaml]

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