Deploy your #Puppet Enterprise license key with Puppet

Since I manage my Puppet infrastructure with Puppet itself, I am for full automation. For Puppet Enterprise, that includes deploying the license key file from the puppet fileserver (profile/files/master/license.key served as puppet:///modules/profile/master/license.key). When upgrading to the latest Puppet Enterprise version, 2016.2.0, I encountered a change that was tricky to resolve – the puppet_enterprise::license class accepted a license_key parameter, which was marked as deprecated:

Warning: puppet_enterprise::license::license_key is deprecated and will be removed in the next
    PE version. Please use puppet_enterprise::license_key_path. If using the Node Manager, the class
    is located in the PE Infrastructure node group.

Easy, I’ll just use the parameter license_key_path instead! Except, it wants a location for a file on the master, and I’m trying to deploy a file to the master!

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