PuppetConf 2016 Wrap-Up

Last week, I attended PuppetConf 2016. Spoiler alert: it was pretty awesome! Let’s take a look at what happened and provide some thoughts on what it means for the future of Puppet and IT in general. You can see all my live-tweets using this link, and storify links are in each section.

Contributor’s Summit


The day before the conference talks is the Contributor’s Summit. It is a combination of group brainstorming, a hackathon, and face time. It starts out with a few talks on where Puppet and the community is, and a non-keynote-spoilering rough idea of where things are going. After about two hours of talks, the summit breaks out into self-managed brainstorming and hacking. If you have a project or idea you are working, you are encouraged to step on stage and announce what you plan to work on and where you’re sitting. Others can then join you to contribute to what you’re working on. Or, you could hack away wherever you’re sitting and mingle with other attendees at will.

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