Jenkins Tricks – Password Recovery and Job Exports

I’m finally getting back to Jenkins, which I started waaaay back in November (here and here). Unfortunately, I kind of forgot my password. Well, that’s embarrassing! I also want to redo the manifest using maestrodev/rvm which means starting over, so I need to back things up. The manual for Jenkins and the results on Google can be overwhelming sometimes, so I thought I’d share what I learned to hopefully save someone else.

Password Recovery

There’s a few ways I found to recover your password. One suggestion is to disable all security, delete your user, re-enable security and allow signups, and then recreate the same user and things should just “work”. Part of the reason you have to do this is that once you disable security, you can’t change the password for your user; only the user can. That’s … frustrating.

Disable security by editing $JENKINS_HOME/config.xml, /var/lib/jenkins/config.xml on my instance. I was able to get away with disabling it by changing <useSecurity>true</useSecurity> to false, though the article suggests removing two other lines. Restart the service with systemctl restart jenkins or equivalent and now you’re able to get in and recreate some users.

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Upgrading Puppet OpenSource Agents with puppet_agent and jlambert121/puppet

Last week, I discussed how to upgrade your Linux and Windows Puppet Enterprise agents with puppet_agent. Today, we will look at two different ways to upgrade your Puppet OpenSource agents, first with puppet_agent and then with jlambert121/puppet. There are many other modules that you can use to manage puppet, some of which offer similar functionality that you may be able to apply some of these lessons to.

Why are we looking at two different modules today? I use jlambert121’s module to manage my puppetserver already. Unfortunately, it is puppet 4 only and I still had some puppet 3 agents hanging around according to puppetboard. I also have some other modules that are puppet 4 only, like the latest version of puppetlabs/ntp. I could use jlambert121/puppet to upgrade my agents that are already on puppet 4, but need something to help get my puppet 3 agents over the hump – that’s where puppet_agent comes in. We will start with that.

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