PowerCLI GitHub Repo

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve done a few PowerCLI posts, including creating some modules. To reduce the change of typos or older versions of files making it into my posts, I created a GitHub repo, https://github.com/rnelson0/powercli-modules/, that you can feel free to use. There are three modules:

  • Copy-Module – Based off the Hey Scripting Guy! module, this enhanced module allows us to load modules in the Global Modulepath (when run with admin privs) and overwrite existing modules.
  • PowerCLI-Administrator-Cmdlets – Cmdlets for an administrator. Generally speaking, these require read/write access. Example: Clone-VDPortgroup
  • PowerCLI-User-Cmdlets – Cmdlets for users. Ideal for read-only users. Example: Get-VMConsoles

Please use GitHub to send me pull requests for any bug fixes or report bugs. You can of course use comments as well.

Something I forgot to mention in my post on creating modules: If you use the snippets and fill out all the comments, Get-Help Your-Cmdlet will use that information and generate full help files for you. Very helpful!

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