I’ll be presenting at #PuppetConf 2015 in October and I need your help!

In my 2015 Goals, I originally had a goal of submitting a talk to VMworld. As the year went on, it became clear that a Puppet-oriented talk was more fitting and I submitted an abstract to the PuppetConf Call For Papers. I’ve very proud to announce that my abstract was accepted and that I’ll be presenting at PuppetConf 2015 this October in Portland, OR! My talk is tentatively titled Puppetizing your Organization: Taking Puppet from a Proof of Concept to the Configuration Management Tool of Choice (PyO:TPfaPoCttCMToC will probably be shortened!) and aims to help you move from buy-off on your proof of concept toward buy-in from your entire organization.

PuppetConf’s call for papers works is similar to many other conferences: you present an abstract and if accepted, you have a few months to flesh the abstract out into a full presentation. One of the concepts in my abstract is to share with and learn from others, and this talk is no different. I need your help to make sure I include multiple perspectives and lessons, not just mine. Please take a look at the abstract and let me know both what you’d like to see me cover, and any tips you have to share with others. You can leave your comments here or on twitter. I’ll make sure to acknowledge you during my presentation, unless you let me know otherwise.

I’m eagerly looking forward to meeting everyone in the Puppet community this fall! Make your reservation now using this 35% off link and be sure to attend my presentation!

2 thoughts on “I’ll be presenting at #PuppetConf 2015 in October and I need your help!

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