Customizing bash and vim for better git and puppet use

Welcome back to our Puppet series. I apologize for the extended hiatus and thank you for sticking around! As an added bonus, in addition to inlining files, I’m including links to the corresponding files and commits in my PuppetInABox project so you can easily review the files and browse around as needed. I hope this is helpful!

Today, we will look at improving our build server. The build role is a centralized server where we can do our software development, including work on our puppet code and creating packages with FPM. When we work with git, we have to run git branch to see what branch we’re in. If you’re like me, this has led to a few uses of git stash and in some cases having to redo the work entirely once you start committing on the long branch. To help, we’re going to add the currently-active branch name of any git directory we are in to the PS1 prompt. We also are doing a lot of edits of *.pp files and we don’t have any syntax highlighting or auto-indenting going on. We can fix that with a few modifications, and we’ll discuss where additional customizations can be made.

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