2015 Recap: How did I do?

Just like I did at this time last year, it’s time to take a look at my goals for the previous year and see how I did.

Learn Ruby

I’d like to think I grok ruby at a more advanced level, now. I’ve written my first gem (and documented the ordeal) and contributed a number of patches to Ruby-ish projects here and there, mostly based around Puppet. I’ve also started writing “throw away” code in Ruby when possible, furthering my transition away from a bash-everywhere mentality. Grade: Pass

Blog more about Security

I started incorporating more security elements into my writing, but I haven’t really done a lot of security-focused writing. I only added one item to the Security category in 2015. I’m sitting on a bunch of drafts about security but am too timid to finish and publish them. Grade: Fail

Home Network

  1. I got my new home network up in running in the late spring, thanks to my partner-in-crime Mike SoRelle. I wrote an article about it as well.
  2. I made some progress here but not in the anticipated direction. I have all of my home network running Linux in Puppet and am working toward the same on the few Windows boxes. There was a lot of turmoil on the VMware side of things (5.5 updates, 6.0, 6.0 updates, changes to VCSA) and it slowed the work there. No IPAM, but I’m not feeling the burn very much because DNS at least is in Puppet.

Grade: Pass. But barely.

Expand PuppetInABox

I’ve learned a lot about software development in the past year. I’ve not only expanded and revamped PuppetInABox (support for Puppet 4 coming soon!), but I’m maintaining a few puppet modules, a puppet-related gem, and am actively participating in VoxPupuli (previously Puppet Community) and contributing features and fixes to Puppet itself. I think I’m making progress here, but still have a ways to go. Grade: Pass.

Propose a PuppetConf Talk

This was originally a goal to propose a VMworld talk, but I changed that as I didn’t have good subject matter for it before the CFP ended. I did submit a CFP to PuppetConf and was accepted! I presented in October and you can catch the video and slides online. I enjoyed the hell out of the conference and I dare say my talk did well, too! Grade: Pass.


I have made zero progress here. It was a busy year! I have until April to get this or renew the VCP and I’m not sure which it will be. Grade: Fail

Read War & Peace

This wasn’t on the list, but it was a personal goal. I’ve read a lot of Barnes and Nobles Classics and I love the Russian literature (Crime and Punishment in particular!), but at ~1100 pages of translated mid-1800 Russian, War & Peace was intimidating. I started this in the latter part of the year and I underestimated the time required to chew on it. I’m around 450 pages in after a few months. It’s been slow but very rewarding. You’ll be happy to know that in 1810, the Russians had meetings about having a meeting. What’s old is new again! Grade: C

I’d say I had a successful year. I didn’t hit all my goals, but like New Year’s Resolutions, I knew some goals would change and others wouldn’t be as important, it was more a guide for the year. I will be posting some new goals for 2016 shortly, though, so I can stay grounded this year as well!